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The mainstream and social media feed our minds a diet of fringe science and outright pseudoscience. They relentlessly stream paranormal, supernatural, and otherwise extraordinary claims. Where do all these come from? They’re spread by shysters and charlatans, by corporate propagandists with cynical eyes on the bottom line, by priests and preachers of all kinds, by axe-grinding cranks and ideologues, and frequently by well-meaning dupes.

In this volume, we offer you thirteen ways to scientific skepticism: thirteen reasons to doubt extraordinary claims. The authors discuss groupthink and cognitive biases, science denialism, weird archaeology, claims about religion and free will, and many other topics. Within these pages, there is something for anyone who wants to avoid biases and fallacies, cut through the masses of misinformation, and push back against fakers and propagandists.

An Elf Among Men

A young elf, frustrated and bored in the Elven Enclave, enters the world of men to find adventure and glory.

What he finds challenges his bigotry, his strength, and what he thought his life was about.

My first novel.

The first chapter is at the link. Enjoy.


I wrote an introductory story for an upcoming video-game called XO, from Jump Drive Studios. I am not affiliated with them in any way.

Not How It’s Done

A group of gamers discover their new friend isn’t quite what she appears to be.

Two Thousand Years Ago

A very short story about the last of the super powered people.


A witch’s familiars have to rescue her.

Going Home - a Force of Magic short

This is story about a young girl who is selected to go to a special school. But returning home is often more difficult than leaving.


What happens once we can upload people to a computer?