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A new story...

I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time. It literally came to me in a dream. I’ve been trying to write this for a few years now, but I think I really have a plan now. I recently reread a book that gave me an idea about format and how it is possible to write first person, but from several characters’ point of view.

This is sort of the prologue and beginning world-building. Let me know what you think.

When humans came to Ardac, the other sentient species laughed. They wagered on how long the humans would survive. Humans had no night vision, no armored hide, nor built in claws. They could not see in the dark nor could they hear very well. They could not wrap themselves in shadow, nor shapeshift, nor cause fear or confusion. They were obviously doomed, it just a matter of when.

Within the first hour, a harrow beast discovered the human camp in its territory. The six-legged, heavily armored beast weighed two tons. It charged the frail humans and their little metal boats. One of the tiny humans stepped forward and released the light of the sun from a long, thick metal tube. The harrow beast wasn't killed so much as partially vaporized. The other species stopped laughing.

That first night, as the sun set, the species of Ardac looked on to see who would win first blood against the humans. But just as dusk settled, the human encampment lit up like a thousand suns. Even the shadows could not penetrate the wall of light.

The night hunters looked away, partially blinded and they let the humans be for that night. The spirits were ripped asunder by the lights and nothing could approach unseen. The humans would survive that first night and many, many more.

The humans built a village, then a town. They pushed out into the prairie for their farms and nearby forest for wood. They cut down trees that had lived for a thousand years to build huts. They did learn to fear the land, for any human not in the circle of light would go missing very quickly. No human ever went out alone. But there were many humans and their population grew.

Over time, their technology began to fail. The humans could no longer use the great weapons that could kill any beast on Ardac. Their great lights could not cover their entire domain and they too began to fail.

But, as humans changed Ardac to suit them, Ardac changed the humans. The first generation of children were born and, as they matured, they discovered that they could manipulate the forces and matter around them. Some could light a campfire just by willing it so. Some could move a rock many times heavier than they should be able to move. Some could pull fresh water out of the very air.

As they grew older and more children were born with these abilities, they became stronger. A few humans could raise a solid granite wall that was a meter thick, three meters high, and ten meters long in a day. The fire wielding humans could burn the ground and the forest and any beasts that would attack them. Others learned to heal and prevent infections, diseases, and other maladies common to Ardac.

Soon human enclaves existed all over Ardac. They still didn't venture into the wilds alone, but adventurers sometimes went exploring. Rarely, they came back.

Walled villages and towns connected themselves with great walls and the land within was regularly patrolled by soldiers with both steel and fire. Mayors became lords and lords became kings. Still, the beasts, the monsters, and the shadows tried to kill them.

Kevin McCarthy