Things that are important to me and maybe to you.


I know I haven’t been posting much. I haven’t been writing much. Instead I’ve been learning Japanese and working, more than anything else.

But, today, I have a new short story (very short) for you.

This is called “After”. As in, what happens After you die and are uploaded into a computer.

In our world, I can’t imagine that people could just be uploaded and live the rest of their life in simulated hedonistic glory. Who is going to pay for the server time (electricity, physical storage, CPU use, etc)? Much less the cost of programming and uploading technologies. Even this little bity website of mine costs a fair bit.

So, the idea here is that people who are uploaded still have jobs. In my regular day job, I could pretty easily work like that. I work remotely anyway. Most of the trainings and almost all of the meetings are virtual anyway. If you took away the few times a year I physically go someplace for trainings or meetings, then most people wouldn’t know if I was a real person or a digital simulation of a real person.

There was a neat article recently about a photoshoot with a model that isn’t real. There’s lots of articles now about how software can make even a single photo into a very, very human like animated system. Pretty soon, it will be the case that we could have digital assistants that are us. They could interact over the phone and even video calls just as if they were us.. and no one would be able to tell the difference.

Our world just isn’t ready for that.

But anyway, this story is little closer to home and what might happen to someone who is dead, but not actually dead.


Kevin McCarthy