Things that are important to me and maybe to you.

Higher, Further, Faster, Baby!


Just got back from Captain Marvel, which is vying for the number one spot in my MCU list. Bloody hell that’s a fantastic movie.

I am writing a little. Starting to feel a little better.

I have a weeks vacation next week and, I know this is a little insane, but taking vacation always makes me nervous. What if something happens. What if I’m not there to answer a question. What if my boss gets mad and has to track me down. It’s really difficult for me to not think about “Oh, he’s been gone a week and we survived, maybe we don’t need him.”

Yes, I worry about that kind of thing.

And yet, my boss fussed at me during my last vacation because I called in to a meeting.


A few good things have happened. I spent an unbelievable amount of money last weekend. I put a deposit down on a car. I bought new mattresses for everyone.

The car is a Volvo S60 T8 in metallic Red. It’s a plug-in hybrid with a pure EV range of about 30 miles. Which means i plug it while I’m working from home and the solar panels charge it up. Then I can go without gas for 30 miles. A quick check of Ye Olde Map shows that 95% of my driving is within 10 miles. Of course, with the gas engine, it has 4-wheel drive, 400 horses, and 4 doors.

I should have it between August and October. It will be the first set of S60 T8s off Volvo’s new South Carolina factory.

The mattresses, while less exciting, are probably going to be used more often than the car. I finally convinced my wife that we need a foam mattress. We’re going to try the Purple 4. It’s really comfy in the showroom. We should get it late next week.

Thank you all for visiting.

Go see Captain Marvel.

Kevin McCarthy