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Jan 3 - Writing

A good day. About 1102 words, bringing the total up above 8k.

It’s strange to struggle to write a full page in a word processor, but then realize that it’s about 3-4 pages in a paperback book. I constantly struggle with the need to make this longer, make the scenes longer, make the book deep and interesting, get into the mind of the characters.

But I think that I am doing that. I’m not Clancy or Weber or those guys. I need to write the way I like. If it’s not good enough, then that’s OK. I’ve still done more than most people ever will.

Today’s writing was brought to you by Hailee Steinfeld who was the lead in Bumblebee and, come to find out, wrote and sang the ending theme. Her short album, Haiz, is quite good if you like punchy pop.

Kevin McCarthy