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The Next Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks Princess.


The royal dining hall. The king and queen are enjoying a lunch together.

A crash comes from off-screen. The sounds of screaming, then sirens. The king looks at his wife and raises an eyebrow. The queen shakes her head in resignation.

Moments later, a disheveled little girl walks into the room with several guards. Her face and clothes have soot on them.

King: Hello sweetie.

Princess: Hi daddy.

Queen: My dear, did you have something to do with that noise?

Princess: Not real...

The guard chuffs at her.

Princess: Yes, but it was really cool. The rocket I built actually worked.

King: The rocket...

Queen: Works?

Princess: Yes, took off and launched just fine.

King: I wasn't aware you were building a rocket.

Princess: It was in my room. It was a surprise.

Queen: Your room...

King: Then the crash was?

Princess: Well, I forgot to open the window before launching it.



Princess: Also, my bed caught on fire.

Kevin McCarthy