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So Frustrated

There’s a karate tournament in a month. We were “taught” our tournament kata the second to last week in December. Between Christmas, being ill, and the fact that kata is one day a week (the other is sparring), I have not been able to learn the kata yet.

Sensei loves to talk, so we get maybe 3 or 4 2-minute katas done every hour. Since December, I have literally done this kata all the way through 11 times. I’ve counted.

It’s not that I can’t learn kata, it’s that I can’t learn them the way I’m being taught. We do one, then we sit and listen to stuff we’ve heard a thousand times… not karate related, but about attitude and strength and how we present ourselves. Then, 15 minutes later we do it again. It’s only 27 steps… it shouldn’t take this long, but it is.


Kevin McCarthy