Things that are important to me and maybe to you.


Xboy wanted to see Bumblebee for his birthday and we agreed. I’ve heard good things about it. Those good reviews were right on. It’s what the Transformers movies should have always been. The nods to the G1 characters were fantastic.

Michael Bay stories remind me a lot of Shakespeare: “A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Even though it’s produced by Bay, he didn’t seem to be very involved, so it’s OK to go see it if you hated the other live action movies (which I did). I wanted to love them, but they were awful movies and even worse Transformers movies. I’m willing to bet that Bay has never seen a single G1 cartoon. I significantly prefer Transformers Prime to any of the live action movies (excepting Bumblebee).

It was a little slow in places, but the action scenes were excellent and not the 54 cuts in 12 seconds of footage that Bay does. There was a lot of good story telling. And the constant little Easter eggs were wonderful. I nearly filled my lid when Stan Bush came on.

Definitely worth seeing if you grew up on the G1 Transformers.

I know, I promised goals yesterday. It was a pretty crummy day with everyone being ill or nearly so. I’ll talk about goals tomorrow.

Kevin McCarthy