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An Elf Among Men

I’ve decided to add the first chapter to An Elf Among Men to the stories page.

I do hope to publish it someday. I wouldn’t call it an example of my work. It’s more of a “I completed it”.

I would like to, eventually, write more like Tom Clancy or David Weber. But I’ve discovered that I much prefer writing in first person rather than third. I also prefer to let the characters discussion show them what they are thinking than explaining it as if we could read their minds.

Maybe it’s an artifact of watching TV. I wonder if I would be any good at script writing…

In other news, I may not be traveling tomorrow. I may be sick. The difference between a sinus infection and cedar fever is tiny. And we may have a sick kitten… judging by the absolutely gargantuan boogers she has sneezed out recently.

We’ll see.

Kevin McCarthy